Friday, 10 December 2010

New books from

Available from today is a great new book from Simon Garfield called "Just my Type - a book about fonts". This is a fascinating and humorous look at the history of fonts and typesetting which, although many of us did not have the word ‘font’ in our vocabulary 25 years ago, fonts were created over 500 years ago!! This is a fantastic and interesting read and a great present for anyone interested in lettering.

For your convenience and information, the following was posted on on December 4th 2010…

Here at last, after being held up by the enormous amount of snow we have recently had here in Scotland are the books you have been waiting for… and those of you in the UK have just got enough time to get your copy before Christmas if you act quickly!!
The brand new and long awaited book from Gottfied Pott called
Calligraphic Symphonies suitably complements his two previous books Kalligrafie – Erste Hilfe and Kallligrafie – Intensive Training. Unlike the previous two books, Calligraphic Symphonies (oder Kalligrafische Sinfonien) is written in both Deutsch and English. Containing 200 pages of exquisite pieces, the Gottfried explains why he views calligraphy as visualized music, he composes fugues (a musical form in which a theme is first stated, then repeated and varied with accompanying contrapuntal lines) out of letters.
Now is your chance to get to know his latest composition: Discover the 26 calligraphic symphonies that capture the “sound of type”. Explore the concord and rhythm of text... And, who knows, maybe you’ll explore your own rhythm as well.
Also in stock and ready for shipment is the latest book to be released in the amazing Saint John’s Bible series
Historical Books. This is the biggest volume to be released so far and the Illumination is amazing.
For lettercutters we have available the brand new book from the (David) Kindersley Workshop called
An Annotated Capital. Written by Lida Lopes Cardozo Kindersley, this is about the evolution of the capital letterform. Its focus is unique, in that it both outlines the thinking behind the design and cutting of the classic Roman capital letterform and the philosophy that underpins it in the Cardozo Kindersley Workshop in Cambridge. England. The book explores each step in the dynamic process of drawing and cutting letterforms to create the recognisable Kindersley capital letter.
… and here are some of the great new releases and new books that have been available from since earlier this year.

Shapes for Sounds (cowhouse) by Timothy Donaldson
Digital Expressions by Susan Tuttle
Calligraphy – A book of Contemporary Inspiration by Denise Lach
Rebound – creating books from recycled materials by Jeannine Stein
Bookbinding – a Step by Step Guide by Kathy Abbot
Books Unbound by Michael Jacobs
Mexican Blackletter by Cristina Paoli
And the new revised Paperback edition of
The Gilded Page

So, whether you are spending your Christmas by the fire or on the beach we have something here that will interest you.Yours, Charlie